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Created by secret service and special forces personnel, the stealth vest is designed to have the same level of protection as an external vest but be comfortable and concealable enough to wear to high profile outings. 
Worn like an undergarment, it is the thinnest and most lightweight product on the market.
The Stealth Vest virtually disappears under any shirt. 
Easily removable outer shell is made from a Lycra material that stretches up to 6 inches, wicks away moisture and is extremely breathable.
The go-to choice for countless International business travelers, music artist, politicians, celebrities, security firms, and the everyday concerned individual.
  • High-quality Lycra carrier made with elastic polyurethane fiber. The same fabric used for close-fitting sports clothing
  • Ballistic panels on front and back
  • Heavy-duty #8 zipper on one side.
  • Less than 5lbs of weight added to the jacket!
  • Ballistics panels are removable making the carrier machine washable.
  • Need an extra carrier, so you can have one in the wash and one on the go? Get one here.
Standard Coverage
protects the users Front and Back (3 Panels, note, sides have some exposure) 


Model / Caliber Testing


Calibers Tested – 3 shots per test at 3ft, 5ft, 7ft

  • .44 MAGNUM
  • .357 SIG
  • .357 MAGNUM
  • .45 ACP
  • .38 + P
  • 9MM 
All Suits and Jackets are Custom Orders
You will need to go to a tailor to be measured then email us at with your custom dimensions.

Please Note: As these items are custom made there can be no returns.


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  • Dry Clean only.
  • Adds as little as 2.5 -5lbs

    With our revolutionary products, we are able to insert our material into virtually any form of clothing. Contact us for more information:
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